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Charlotte City Council is considering a vote to double the length of their own terms, moving from 2- to 4-year terms. We believe Charlotte voters should decide how long their elected members serve.

However, some on City Council don't believe Charlotte's voice should be heard. One member of city council said that members of city council know what's best for Charlotte residents than the residents themselves do. This brazen language is indicative of out of control politicians who have forgotten who they work for.

Make your voice heard.
Sign the petition and demand that City Council let Charlotte voters decide.

Where Do People Stand

Forward Charlotte conducted a scientific poll of Charlotte voters about their opinions on key issues before City Council.

Do you view the job Charlotte City Council is doing mostly favorably or unfavorably?

City Council favaroable

City Council is considering extending the length of their terms from 2 years to 4 years. Instead of electing city council members every two years, you would only elect them every four years. Do you support or oppose the proposed 4 year terms?

Extending term length

Do you believe voters should be allowed to vote on the length of city council terms?

City Council favorable or unfavorable

Do you support or oppose a pay raise for city council members?

Support Pay Raise